Sunday School


Kids ages 5-12 follow our 252 curriculum (based on the goals of Luke 2:52). To find out more about this program and how parents can get involved throughout the week, visit


Toddlers and preschoolers have their own program, Little Sprouts. They sing songs, make crafts, and learn about the Bible.


Babies and parents are welcome to enjoy the sermon from the comfort of our well-stocked nursery, located at the back of the sanctuary.

Community Events

Movie Nights

Join us for quarterly family film screenings, complete with free popcorn, drinks, and prizes!

Summer Programs

Participate in one of our themed Vacation Bible School programs at church, or one of our Five Day Clubs held in public spaces throughout the neighborhood.

Seasonal Outreaches

We host family-oriented, gospel-focused children's festivals throughout the year. Join us for a carnival style harvest party, an Easter celebration, or a nativity-themed crafts workshop at Christmas.