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Double Cyclones in Mozambique


Two cyclones have hit Mozambique in less than two months, killing nearly 1,000 people and impacting more than 2 million. Entire communities have been demolished. Drinking water is contaminated. Crops have been destroyed, and outbreaks of cholera and malaria have spread. It is estimated that over 1 million of those affected by these storms are children.

EFCA ReachGlobal's Crisis Response team is on the ground in Beira, Mozambique, providing physical aid and spiritual hope to victims of these deadly cyclones.  While the need for resources is immediate, Reach Global also plans to invest in Mozambique long-term - rebuilding homes by hand, just as they have after national disasters around the world. Currently, the EFCA has only reached a tiny fraction of its fundraising goals for the work in Mozambique. 

Famine and Drought in Northeast Kenya


For several months, Northern Kenya has suffered a serious famine brought on by two seasons of drought. 150,000 Kenyans are in desperate need of food and water. Many are suffering from malnutrition, with children, expectant mothers, and the elderly most affected. As crops have failed and livestock perished, people have resorted to eating tree bark, the only "food" they can access or afford.

Our missionary, Dr. Aila Tasse, is the founder and president of Lifeway Mission International. His organization is based in Kenya, where they focus on church planting and disciple making. Now they have also turned their attention to providing medical care and food delivery to Christians impacted by the famine. With donations, they hope to serve 1500 families and plant 120 new churches in Kenya!