What to expect on Sunday mornings

What is service like?

We start at 10:30 with contemporary worship and then move on to announcements, offerings, and greetings. Scripture is read and a sermon given. The service closes with a final song and benediction, typically around 12:00.

Is there a dress code?

Please dress however you feel most comfortable. You will see other attendees wearing everything from t-shirts and jeans to dresses or ties to traditional Indian saris. As long as you're clothed, you'll fit right in!

How can I meet people?

There is a brief greeting time after announcements during which people shake hands and say hello. After the service, you can join us downstairs for coffee, tea, snacks, and casual conversation.

Will I be singled out or have to say anything?

Your level of participation is completely up to you. We won’t single you out in any way, you don’t have to sing along if you don’t feel comfortable, and you won't be expected to give when we receive the offering.

Can my children attend?

Families worship together until announcements, at which time children ages 2-12 are dismissed to Sunday school classes downstairs. If you'd like to stay together, either in service or in Sunday school, that's fine. There is also a quiet room in the back of the sanctuary for parents with babies.

Can I take communion?

We observe the Lord's table the first Sunday of every month. If you are a professing Christian, you are welcome to participate. If not, we ask that you please pass the bread and wine when they come to you. Communion services close with members holding hands and singing a final song.